Flexeffect Ltd. has a 15 year long professional history and demonstrates significant experiences in providing wagework services.

What are we dealing with?

After recognizing the needs of our partners in the labor market and the difficulties of a constantly changing economic environment, our company provides a wagework service that can be applied efficiently in different production processes and is flexible in every case to suit our partners' needs.

What are we specialized in?

Our company provides efficient solutions to its partners in the automotive sector, but we also have significant references in other areas.

Guarantee for quality.

Our skilled and experienced workforce implements the various assembly, post-processing and control processes with professional workmanship that guarantees quality and optimizes and makes our partners operate more efficiently.

Production capacity

Production capacity can be significantly expanded by outsourcing the activity.


Expanding and reorganizing processes takes time and resources that we can effectively handle.

Process optimization

Our service optimizes processes continuously, avoiding the need for future correction.

Less administration

We provide employment-free workforce, thus significantly reducing the administrative burden of our partners.


We provide workspace and warehouse space with appropriate infrastructure.


Simply, risk-free change-over.


In any case we can adapt to the need of our costumers.


Our Company has 15 years of experience.

The numerous benefits of our wagework service can help the progression and competitiveness of your business.



Attila Kulitsán

General Manager


Dániel Sándor

Team Leader - Érd/Százhalombatta


Zoltán Jáger

Production Leader


Zoltán Radics

Team Leader - Dunakiliti

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Flexeffect Ltd.

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